As an EXECUTIVE COACH, I work with entrepreneurs, managers, and executives to identify and clear the invisible "road blocks" that interfere with achieving their businesses goals.

I've developed a unique form of business coaching called Energetic Business Coaching™.

Energetic Business Coaching™ is the facilitation process I use to assist individual business professionals and groups to IDENTIFY and CLEAR the "road blocks" or limiting beliefs that interfere with achieving their business goals and professional development.

Business professionals I work with find this coaching model to be extremely powerful for shifting blocks and limiting beliefs where logic, behavior change strategies, and affirmations fall short for making a lasting change. Skeptical? You should be. I encourage you to read feedback from past clients on LinkedIn as well as Google

The underlying assumption with this work is that performance in business (and in life) can be impacted by the "programs", beliefs, and experiences we carry with us.

Similar to how a Computer Technician might scan a computer operating system for corrupt software code, Energetic Business Coaching™ helps identify and clear the "tapes" that keep business professionals stuck spinning their wheels.

This Energetic Business Coaching™ model is both unconventional and powerful.

Unconventional because it brings to business an energy-based coaching model derived from the emerging field of Energy Psychology and the science of Applied Kinesiology.

This coaching model powerfully enables us to quickly IDENTIFY and CLEAR the distracting "tapes" and "programs" running in the background that influence our decisions and behaviors. The good news is - once these blocks and patterns are clear, change happens rapidly.

Common issues addressed through business coaching include:

  • Wheel spinning
  • Job performance
  • Time management
  • Employee issues
  • Work-life balance
  • Financial challenges
  • Going from good to great
  • Decision-making support
  • Workplace anxiety & burnout
  • Fear of business failure or success
  • Challenged interpersonal workplace dynamics
  • Professional, organizational and leadership development
Depending on where you are and what's feasible, I deliver coaching through different mediums including: (1) Face-to-face coaching at my office in Portland; (2) virtual coaching via internet; and group coaching at my office or on location at client venues.


For local clients, I provide 90 minute face-to-face coaching sessions at my office located at 1130 SW Morrison St, Suite #604 in Portland, Oregon. Wondering if Energetic Business Coaching™ is a good fit for you? Drop me a line to begin a guided interview process to assess if your coaching needs and objectives are consistent with energetic business coaching™.


For non-local clients, I also provide virtual coaching sessions via Skype.com. Virtual coaching works well with professionals who spend much of their time on the road and need the flexibility of coaching via internet. Think you might need the flexibility of virtual coaching? Drop me a line to begin your first step with a guided interview process to assess if you're a fit for virtual energetic business coaching™.


In addition to individual coaching sessions, I facilitate coaching GROUPS that inspire personal and professional development unlike other coaching or mastermind groups. Over a series of nine sessions, Pointman coaching groups guide participants to identify and clear underlying limited beliefs and "head trash" that interfere with achieving the participant's goals.

This powerful nine-month program uses the Energetic Business Coaching™ model to systematically guide participants through nine different elements of personal transformation and leadership development.

Pointman coaching groups typically consist of FIVE business professionals that meet monthly for NINE months.

In addition to group coaching sessions, program participants can take advantage of NINE virtual coaching sessions to further support their individual work outside the Group setting.

Want to explore group coaching, drop me a line to begin a guided interview process to assess if group coaching is right for you.


I work with business professionals that are committed to achieving peak professional performance and are looking to gain a unique competitive advantage.

How committed are you to shifting your work-life experience? If you are willing to take the plunge and are looking for transformative executive coaching, I invite you to contact me and let's see if it makes sense to work together.



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