I'm a Business Advisor, Coach, and Instructor working with entrepreneurs, managers, and executives to build strong companies, and support them in clearing any limiting beliefs that might have along the way.

As a BUSINESS ADVISOR and CONSULTANT I assist companies to develop management strategies that align with their short-term goals and long-term vision through business planning, forecasting, implementation, and loan package development. Whether the objectives are growth, financing, or strengthening business infrastructure, I help companies get on track.

At my client's request, I can also integrate Energetic Business Coaching™ tools into advising sessions that assist business professionals to IDENTIFY and CLEAR any "road blocks" or limiting beliefs that interfere with the work at hand. Regardless of the business strategy, I believe that once the conscious and unconscious beliefs are congruent with the business goals - the pathway to success presents itself. This powerful coaching model works quickly where logic, behavior change strategies, and affirmations may not be sufficient to impact lasting change.

I enjoy working with professionals who are committed to keeping their business on track with their long-term vision and short-term goals. To read more about the work I do, you can see past client feedback on LinkedIn as well as Google

How committed are you to keeping your company on track on a scale of 1-10? If your commitment is a seven or higher and are looking for business advising in any of the following areas, I invite you to drop me a line and we can see if it makes sense to work together.


Business Opportunity Due Diligence:
Assesses new business ideas to determine market viable opportunities.

Business Model Advising & Development:
Works with clients to develop profitable business models that generate diversified revenue.

Business Plan Advising & Development:
Works with clients to create business plans that fit their needs. (1) in-house strategic biz plan; (2) plans for pitching investors; (3) commercial business loan package development; (4) adding sustainability to business plans.

Pro-Forma Financial Advising & Development:
Works with clients on pro-forma financial forecasts and sales assumptions for business planning.

Market Research & Competitive Analysis:
Conducts research and analysis to produce business intelligence on companies and industries.



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